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How To Choose the Right Hydraulic Cylinders for Your Application

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Hydraulic cylinders are important in many industrial applications because they provide the necessary power and motion for heavy-duty tasks. However, finding the right product for your application might take time due to the numerous varieties and sizes available.

This post will discuss the most important factors when choosing hydraulic cylinders for your project:

Factor #1: Cylinder Type

The application and the performance requirements will determine the type of cylinder you choose. Hydraulic cylinders have several varieties, including:

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

These cylinders employ hydraulic pressure to extend the piston rod but rely on a separate force to retract the rod, such as gravity or a spring. They are often used when just one direction of force is required and space is limited.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic pressure is used in these cylinders to extend and retract the piston rod, supplying force in both directions. They are widely employed in applications requiring tremendous power and speed, such as heavy machinery and equipment.

Telescopic Cylinders

Due to their unique design, telescopic cylinders can deliver a longer stroke than traditional hydraulic cylinders without sacrificing space or stability. As a result, these cylinders are applied in machines like dump trucks and telescopic cranes.

Jack Cylinders

Jack cylinders are extensively employed in automotive, construction, and industrial environments. They are used for lifting cars and equipment, leveling foundations, and supporting heavy gear during maintenance.

Factor #2: Cylinder Size

The individual application requirements such as the needed force, stroke length, and available space will also affect the hydraulic cylinder’s size. Therefore, examining the maximum and minimum stroke lengths and the bore and rod diameter is critical when choosing a hydraulic cylinder.

Factor #3: Operational Conditions

A hydraulic cylinder’s working environment significantly influences its performance and longevity. Thus, when selecting a hydraulic cylinder, evaluating your application’s unique working environment and picking one engineered to resist those circumstances is critical. For example, high temperatures can cause the cylinder’s seals to degrade faster, while excessive humidity can induce corrosion and rust.

This must include operational conditions such as oil pressure and flows available to deliver to the cylinder. It will also determine the speed and force the cylinder can produce.

Factor #4: Mounting Style

Numerous mounting solutions, such as flange, foot, clevis, and trunnion mounts, are available to meet varying space constraints and load requirements. The mounting type can alter the cylinder’s stroke length. Therefore, choosing a mounting style that permits the cylinder to perform properly is critical.

Factor #5: Seal Type

To guarantee maximum performance and durability of the hydraulic cylinder, selecting a seal type appropriate for the environmental conditions and specific application requirements is critical. Seal alternatives, such as Nitrile, Polyurethane, and Viton seals, are available depending on the application.

Nitrile seals are often utilized in low to medium-pressure applications, whereas Polyurethane seals are better suited for high-pressure applications. On the other hand, Viton seals provide outstanding resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

Seals are determined by the manufacturer based on the operational conditions of the cylinder or if there is an existing seal kit that the manufacturer needs to match. Different system conditions, such as oil pressure, stroke speed, operational temperatures, and chemical resistance, can change the seal selection drastically. This may also include ways to facilitate resealing in the field.

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