At Fluid-Tech Hydraulics, we supply and support hydraulic equipment and supplies for a wide range of industrial applications. One of our core offerings is the sale and servicing of hydraulic hammers.

What Is a Hydraulic Hammer?

A hydraulic hammer, also known as a hydraulic breaker, is a heavy construction machine designed to be mounted onto the back of other equipment (e.g., backhoes, excavators, and stationary plants). It utilizes hydraulic pressure to power the movement of a connected tool, which is used to break up objects (e.g., rocks or standing structures) into smaller, more manageable pieces.

There are numerous types of hydraulic hammer available, which vary in design and size to suit different needs. This broad selection makes this type of machine a highly versatile tool; it finds use in many industrial applications, such as construction, demolition, landscaping, mining, road building, and tunneling.

Advantages of Hydraulic Hammers

  • Better versatility. Hydraulic hammers come in numerous variations, all of which can work off the same power source. This quality makes it easier for contractors to choose one that suits their projects.
  • Lower investment costs. Hydraulic hammers are designed and built with durability in mind, making them a cost-effective investment. Additionally, the oil and grease used for hydraulic hammer maintenance keep the internal components lubricated, reducing the amount of upkeep needed over time to keep them up and running.
  • Broader performance capabilities. Hydraulic hammers are suitable for use year-round as they can be utilized in hot or cold conditions. Additionally, if properly set up, they can be used underwater.

An infographic depicting the benefits of hydraulic hammers.

The Importance of Hydraulic Hammer Repair and Maintenance

Hydraulic hammers play a critical role in a variety of industrial applications. Ensuring they provide the desired performance necessitates both choosing the right type for the project and investing in proper maintenance. The latter is essential to making sure the machine works as intended throughout its service life. Without routine maintenance, it is more susceptible to breaking down during use, which can lead to altered project timelines and, consequently, loss of profits. In addition to repairing damaged or broken components, maintenance inspections can reveal if and when a unit should be restored or upgraded to meet new industry standards.

Partner With Fluid-Tech Hydraulics for Your Hydraulic Hammer Needs

Whether you need to purchase a new hydraulic hammer or repair an existing one, the experts at Fluid-Tech Hydraulics have got you covered!

Our sales department is ready and willing to help you find a hydraulic hammer that meets your needs. We have a stock of Allied/Rammer/Sandvik hammers in a variety of sizes and a rotating supply of reconditioned hammers. Additionally, if needed, our fabrication department can design and build custom brackets to attach the unit to your machine.

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